Thursday, September 15, 2016

StuCo Meeting

It was great to see more than 60 students at last week's first Student Council meeting. In particular, thanks to Ms. Bernard and Ms. Gaudet for providing such a great environment for so many different students to contribute.

The next Student Council meeting will be on September 20, at which time our students will be discussing Homecoming Week. Last year, we unintentionally ended up embroiled in both conflict and controversy regarding the themes of the week. As we have already started planning for Homecoming, our goal is to create environment that remains focused on the task at hand - that we are, first and foremost, an academic institution, and that we can use these weeks as an opportunity to showcase our community values and our school's core. At the same time, we must be mindful of distractions, supportive of the Student Council, and practical with respect to what our school's needs are, including what distractions could occur.

We encourage students to attend the next Student Council meeting to have a voice in the many themes of the week. Similarly, we ask that parents and students respect the will of the Council, its advisors, and the administration of the school in doing our best to ensure that the week showcases the spirit we have in our Spartan community and respect for each other in so doing. Otherwise, we are acting in complete contradiction to the very spirit the week attempts to espouse.

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