Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Freshman Orientation Information

July 2017

Good morning,

We are excited to provide our incoming grade 9 students with information regarding the start of the school year, new student orientation, and other relevant steps that will take place in the next month. We know that summer often provides an opportunity for students to unplug from school, so we are hopeful that this message will “prime the pump” with respect to the start of the school year.

Grade 9 Orientation will take place on August 17, 2017, beginning at 8:00 a.m. at Uxbridge High School. All incoming grade 9 students, along with their parents and guardians, are invited to attend. Students and parents/guardians will meet in the auditorium with students from 8-8:30; students will then meet with Peer Mentors, while parents will have a brief meeting with counselors and school administration from 8:30-9:00. Lunch will be provided for the students, and the day will conclude by 2:00, at which time families can pick up students.
At Orientation, students will receive their iPads. All students must register for iPads ahead of time, while the purchase of insurance through the district is optional. Both processes are done electronically, by following this link or by pasting this link into your browser:
If any grade 9 parent is unable to attend on August 17, there will be additional iPad consignment/distribution days held the following week. We will be sending those dates and times out once we have them confirmed with our technology staff.
Copies of the iPad agreement and insurance forms are linked below; students and families sign for these as part of the UHS iPad registration online.

Due to a change in school committee residence policy, all students entering grade 9 are required to submit residency forms. For students entering UHS from McCloskey Middle School, please submit Form E of the residency policy; some families may also need to submit form F. We will have hard copies of Form E on hand at orientation on the 17th. Please feel free to hand those in upon arrival for orientation.

For athletic registration, our athletic registration takes place online. To register, follow this link ( to be brought to FamilyID, the same site used for iPad registration. We need all athletic registrations completed by August 14, so that we can make determinations about fall sports and scheduling.
Families that do not have internet access at home or who need assistance may come to UHS for assistance. Please call ahead, and we will have someone here to assist you.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to seeing many of you on August 18, and enjoy the rest of the summer!


Michael Rubin, Principal Michael DiMeglio, Assistant Principal

Monday, June 19, 2017

Final Report Cards and Summer Hours

Good morning,

This morning was the final day of school for the 2016-17 school year! We appreciate all that everyone did to help make this year a success at Uxbridge High School, including all of our parents, students, and staff. In general, we can chalk this year up to a number of successes, and, as we reflect this summer on the year gone by, we will certainly be ready to go come August for another great year.

  1. Final report cards will be posted this week, and a hard copy will be mailed home. Be advised that some students have some outstanding obligations, including money owed the cafeteria, books, or calculators. If those obligations are not resolved, we do not provide a student with his/her cap and gown or allow participation in graduation - and we do track these things from year to year!
  2. Also, the high school office is open from 7-3 until June 30. The office will be closed on June 30 and July 3, and then the regular hours for the building are 7-2 during the summer. The building will be closed completely during the week of July 24, and access may be limited.
  3. Guidance counselors will be reaching out to families and students who may need credits during summer school; we have several options, the best of which is frequently the online summer school, since it does not inhibit a student's ability to work a summer job or impede family travel plans. If a student has failed a class with a grade above 40, s/he may be eligible.
  4. Summer reading information has been posted to the website and is also linked here. Also, students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes can access summer work here.
  5. Student schedules are very close to complete, and we hope to have them released officially in early August. If something has changed because of course performance in the fourth quarter, please reach out to the school counselor, either Mr. Barry or Ms. Hampton.
  6. Athletic registration for 2017-18 will open on July 3 via FamilyID. The portal will close in early August, after which we will make determinations on programs that can and cannot be sufficiently run based on student numbers. Updated athletic physical examination reports can be uploaded into the student's profile on FamilyID, emailed to Ms. Schiller, our school nurse, or brought to the high school office. Please note that hard copy physical examinations may take longer to be processed, and the uploaded method is preferred.

Finally, we wish well both Ms. Amanda DeStafeno and Mr. Peter Hennessy. Ms. DeStafeno will be moving into the adjustment counselor position at the Whitin Elementary School for 2017-18, and Mr. Hennessy retires from teaching after more than 35 years in the business, the last 17 at UHS. Both will be missed, and we wish them well on their next adventures!

From all of us at UHS, best wishes for a happy, safe, and enjoyable summer.

Most sincerely,

Michael Rubin, Principal
Michael DiMeglio, Assistant Principal

Friday, June 16, 2017

Educator of the Year

Watch below the footage of our presentation of the Educator of the Year award to Ms. Kathleen Penza, our wonderfully talented music educator and co-drama advisor!

2017 Graduate Parade

Thanks to Uxbridge Cable for providing us with this coverage of the 2017 Graduate Parade, held on June 2. Enjoy the footage of our seniors as they make their way across the other schools!

Friday, May 26, 2017

UnderClass Awards

We were so proud to present underclass awards this morning following the 143rd visit of the Flying Squadron. We presented awards for Academic Achievement and Academic Commitment. Academic Achievement awards were presented to students for excellence and leadership in the classroom, and the academic commitment awards were presented for students who demonstrated growth, perseverance, or commitment in the department.

Additionally, a number of book awards were presented to members of the Class of 2018, some of which carry with them scholarship awards for students who attend those universities that sponsor the awards.

We are proud of all these achievements!

The Underclass Academic Achievement Winners were:
Jillian Sylvia
Alexandria Nowicki
Miriam Abdel Nour
Gurdeep Randhawa

Julia Jeronimo
Anna Breau
Caitlin Spencer
Ashley Greene
Student Services
Matt MacSween
Justin Morvan
Samantha Muse
Performing Arts
Cassie Lobe
Julia Parabicoli
Kevin Siefken
Visual Arts
Gianna Garille
Carrie Kraich
Danielle Healey
World Language
Riley Malone
Lucas Lawrence
Ashley Greene
Riley Malone
Lucas Lawrence
Nathaniel Holden
Marissa Allegrezza
Abigail Burke
Katelyn Jones
Kayte Rooney
Lucas Lawrence
Ashley Greene
Social Studies
Riley Malone
Maddie Schleinitz
Meriam Abdel Nour
Technology Ed.
emily philbrook
Lucas Lawrence
Lindsey Moss

Academic Commitment Winners included:
Russell Wise
Erika Dube
Danielle Healy
Liam Morawski
Darjahne McClam
Matt Stark
Student Services
Abby Bates
Maxine Cannalonga
Ashley Collins
Performing Arts
Chloe Gardner
Maggie Streichert
Daniel Klos
Visual Arts
Evan Wiencek
Maddie Arroyas

World Language
Wesley Mattson
Alexandra Jones
Joseph Bernard
Nicholas Hirtle
Hannah Callinan
Jenny Frick
Jason Kindl
Sean Morrissey
Nicholas Oliveira
Ryan Paul
Ceara Graveson
Danielle Healey
Social Studies
Emily Lavigne
Sean Morrissey
Samantha Muse
Technology Ed.
Jack Schreiber
Alex Keeler
Brandon Bibeault

We also presented several book awards, some of which have scholarship money tied to them from specific colleges:
Harvard Prize Book Award: Riley Malone
St. Michael’s Book Award:   Olivia Burke, James Stark
Smith College Book Award: Marissa Allegrezza
Rensselaer Medal Award: Emily Philbrook
University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science:   Emily Lavigne
University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders: Kayte Rooney
University of Rochester Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award: Chris Matkowski

Thursday, May 25, 2017

"No Override" Impact at UHS

There have been a number of rumors swirling since the vote on Tuesday, and our hope is that the questions below will answer a number of them.

Statement: The athletic program has been cut at Uxbridge High School.

True or False: FALSE. We still have an athletic program. As a result of the vote, fees for athletics for 2017-18 will be $275 per athlete, per sport. There is no family cap. There are certain pieces of the program that have been removed from the budget. Unfortunately, unless we raise fees again, we will not have the resources to fund the position of athletic trainer, and there is the possibility of some junior varsity teams not competing if there is not adequate high school participation.

Statement: There are no JV sports at UHS next year.

True or False: FALSE. We continue to sponsor JV sports if high school student participation warrants it. However, in some sports, there have not been adequate numbers of high school students participating. For example, in soccer last year, there were 15 high school girls and about 14 middle school girls participating. With similar numbers in 2017, there would only be a varsity team, and the middle school girls would participate in middle school or town sports. If enough high school girls registered to participate (19 or more), we would then have the demand for a JV team, which would enable us to offer the program to middle school athletics and use fees to offset the program. We will not know this until August.

All other JV sports, such as boys basketball, baseball, field hockey, tennis, and football, will compete in 2017-18.

Statement: There are no middle school sports next year.

True or False: FALSE. Middle school sports were not touched by the budget cuts and failure of the override vote.

Statement: Transportation was cut from the athletics budget.

True or False: TRUE AND FALSE. In our budget projection for the athletic program for this coming year, we intend to utilize the school van more deliberately, which will reduce transportation costs. There is no plan to have parents transport student-athletes to contests, nor are students self-transporting.

Statement: Transportation for all students was cut from the operating budget.

True or False: TRUE, to an extent. There is a transportation fee being imposed for all riders. If a student intends to take the bus either to or from school next year, s/he must be registered. The fee will be $180, per rider, with a $360 family cap.

Statement: The school’s accreditation is in jeopardy.

True or False: We don’t know yet. Uxbridge High School is due to be visited as part of its decennial visit in December 2018. One of the standards for accreditation is called, “Community Resources for Learning.” In that standard, the school, district, and community will be evaluated on its ability to meet the needs of all students and provide sufficient programs, including co-curricular and extracurricular programming. When fees that impact a student’s experience are imposed, the accreditation visiting team may determine that the standard is not met, or is limited, which could lead to Special Progress Reports or probation.

Statement: Other schools lost teachers, but it doesn’t appear that the high school lost personnel.

True or False: TRUE. The high school master schedule was redesigned last year around the different needs of students in terms of graduation requirements and levels. The building has been stretched to capacity in terms of teachers, with the average teacher-student load at about 106 students, and many classes (>10) already have more than 27 students in the section, with a half-dozen with more than 30 students. Should future cuts be needed, the elective program at Uxbridge High School will be compromised, which again could impact the accreditation in terms of the Curriculum and School Resources for Learning standards. When a school has challenges for accreditation in multiple standards, it risks being put on probation, pending fixes.
Students who lose supports at younger grades will eventually be at Uxbridge High School, so it is understandable to think about what skill gaps could arise as students come to UHS having had larger class sizes at younger grades.

Statement: The middle school is closing, so that will save money.

True or False: TRUE...but there is no determined date yet.  There is much work to do with the Massachusetts School Building Authority and we could be bound by their timelines. Furthermore, savings with a building closure are anticipated to be needed for capital improvements. Teaching and learning fall into the operating budget, so any money saved by the potential closure will be used toward capital improvements for the district, which has lacked a funded capital improvement plan for several years.