Friday, May 17, 2019

Weekly News and Notes

A few updates from UHS:

Senior Exams and Grade 10 MCAS

Senior exams will be next week, as will the grade math MCAS. We will have a full week of assessment going. Seniors are exempt in some cases from taking exams; teachers will have communicated with those students in advance.

For sophomores, we remind them to have iPads ready and charged for the math exam, which will be on May 21 and 22.

Last Day of School for Underclassmen

The last day of school for underclassmen (grades 8-11) will be June 17. We will be sending out a final exam schedule in the coming weeks.

Senior Signs

Just a reminder for senior parents: we want to make sure seniors make their signs to display on the school driveway! We are missing many - have them take care of that next week!


Now is a good time to have students check their lockers, bags, and bedrooms for books and other items that may belong to the school. Also, we are going to be sending cafeteria obligations home as well, since some students still owe money to the cafeteria. We appreciate the help in returning anything that is school property!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 3, 2019

Weekly News and Notes

A few updates from UHS this week:

Grade 8 MCAS

Math MCAS for grade 8 will be taking place next week. Our grade 8 students will follow a similar format to what was conducted during English, and we anticipate the technology to be a bit easier for this computer-based test. We ask students to bring iPads charged and be ready to test at the start of the day. The two test sessions will take place on May 7 and May 8.

AP Exams

Advanced Placement testing will also start next week, with the AP Physics exam the first assessment we will administer, this coming Tuesday. Over the next two weeks, exams are administered almost every day. If students plan on being dismissed after a test administered in the morning, and they are not yet 18-years-old, those students must have a dismissal note.

Senior Exams

Senior exams will take place the week of May 20; the full exam schedule will be sent home next week for students in the Class of 2019. iPads will also be turned in during that week.

PLTW Honors!

Six teams of Uxbridge students from across four different courses at Uxbridge High School shared their class projects at the MassSTEMHub/Project Lead the Way student showcase, held on Thursday, May 2, 2019, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The senior students in the classes who will be pursuing college careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) also participated in a “college signing” ceremony, indicating their pursuit of these endeavors beyond high school. Also at the event, UHS senior Kevin Alves was recognized as the “Showcase Excellence Award” winner, besting more than 150 other projects for the top project at the event. Judges from industry, including more than 25 different companies and schools from across the Commonwealth like National Grid, GE, Lampin, and WPI, indicated that Kevin showed “mastery of topics, enthusiasm for the subject matter, and a high degree of articulateness in sharing his passion.” For his project, Kevin recreated a rotary engine to scale, using 3D printing technology and an electronic battery. The project took him nearly 100 hours of research time to complete. In addition to presenting their work to their peers from more than a dozen schools across the state and to industry professionals, Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito shared remarks with the students, congratulating them for “taking academic risks, learning to persevere through failures, and setting high standards that will hopefully benefit future generations for the Commonwealth.” She highlighted Massachusetts’ place as a leader for innovation and the opportunities provided by PLTW courses to enhance student creativity and relevance in learning. “Project Lead the Way gives our students the opportunity to learn from each other, to apply academic skills, and to own their learning every single day,” said Uxbridge High School Principal Michael Rubin. “As we continue to expand our opportunities for students, and we continue to build our partnerships, we know that this learning can only help our students and communities achieve greater things in the future.” Other student projects completed by UHS students included the manufacturing of fishing lures from recycled aluminum cans, using 3D printing and milling technology, card box manufacturing from corian and wood, designed and milled using CNC technology, and a truss built to more than 40% efficiency using just wood and capable of holding nearly 600 points. Biomedical student teams completed projects on acid/base reactions and pancreatic responses to diabetes. UHS teachers Michael Smutok (Engineering), Melissa Silva (Engineering), and Tracy Larkin (biomedical science) accompanied the students to the event. This marked the third different STEM competition at which UHS students had been recognized for their work. “To see where our program has come in a short period of time is a testament to the work of many,” Mr. Rubin said. “From the school committee and central office who have supported these opportunities, to the teachers who make this learning real, to our partners who have given us resources in terms of equipment and training, we truly believe that our students will be capable to transforming the world because of these opportunities.” The seniors who signed STEM letters of intent included Kevin Alves (Wentworth), Emily Frick (WPI), Owain Nelligan (QCC), Cali Sander (WPI), Olivia HIcks (University of Maryland), Ryan Semle (Penn State), Hannah Smith (WPI), Braden Stewart (Mass Maritime), Thomas Sawyer (UMass-Lowell), and Madeleine Schleinitz (Cal Poly).

Arts Night

Week That Was

Our Week That Was video is posted below:

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Service Distinction

Good morning,

Each year, we know we have many seniors who have given back to the community over the course of their time as students at UHS. Three years ago, we designed "Community Service Distinction" as a way to recognize students for their outstanding service to community, be it through school, other civic organizations, or religious institutions. All types of community service are eligible.

If a student has accrued more than 100 hours over the course of his or her time at UHS, that student will be eligible for a service distinction cord and designation in the graduation program.

Students have been asked to fill out the form below, but we acknowledge that students will frequently forget unless parents remind them - which is why we are sending this email!

Thank you for the support,

Mike Rubin, Principal

Friday, April 26, 2019

Weekly News and Notes

A few announcements from UHS this week:

Career Fair

On Friday, we hosted a Career Fair for students in grades 8 and 10, at which students heard from representatives from five companies and the MassHire Central Massachusetts Workforce Investment Board. Our goal is to help students identify career and post-secondary decisions that impact them more completely and relevantly, and also to learn that companies in the region, across the many fields that they have interest in, have a number of opportunities. Counselors polled students and had companies join us with positions in the highest interest, including medical, business, law enforcement, engineering, and human services. In sum, the event was very successful, and we look forward to the feedback of our students!

Grade 2 at UHS

On Thursday, we hosted all six classes of second graders at UHS for a day of preparation for the annual Taft International Fair. Students went through classes in fine art, physical education, family and consumer science, and world language. The activities were robust, the partnerships in learning truly excellent, and, perhaps most importantly, the enthusiasm was palpable. We are so proud of the work of so many teachers to make the day possible, coordinated by Ms. Dzivasen and with help from Ms. Hill, Mr. Berkowicz, Ms. Ahern, Mr. Catalano, Ms. Hendrickx, Ms. Drakulich, Ms. Gaudet, Mr. Barros, Ms. Munley, and Ms. Struppa. We look forward to even more partnership with our youngest Spartans in the future!

NEASC Report

The reaccreditation report from UHS will be released soon. After months of waiting for our visiting committee chair and directors from NEASC to finalize their edits, we are looking forward to seeing the findings and using them as levers for more improvements to our school!


Some parents have been asking about follow-up to the letter we sent last month, where we identified some challenges to the emotional safety of some students at UHS on the basis of some bigoted statements. We have already conducted some workshops and trainings with our staff, are attending more training in the coming month, and integrated a new reporting feature to our website. We are also planning some workshops on leadership for some student leaders that we will be hosting in early May, and in the process of planning some more concrete lessons to engage the rest of the student body in the coming weeks and months.

To everyone who has offered support, questions, curiosity, or ideas, we appreciate the sentiments. Know that we still believe our school to be safe, and we are doing all we can to ensure that challenges  to that safety are prevented and/or addressed as needed.

Week That Was

Here's a look back at the Week that Was at UHS:

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Weekly News and Notes

Good afternoon,

We only have a couple of updates from UHS this week:

Innovation Pathway

Uxbridge High School has earned distinction for two additional Innovation Pathway programs, with programs in Biomedical Science and Digital Media/Information Science being recognized by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Launched last year, Innovation Pathways are designed to create strong partnerships with employers in order to expose students to career options and help them develop knowledge and skills related to their chosen field of study before they graduate high school. For Uxbridge High School and its partners, these pathways will enable students to complete a course sequence in the content area and have access to college-level courses while still in high school, with families and students alike supported by a comprehensive guidance model. The information science and biomedical pathways join the manufacturing engineering pathway as programs at UHS, which makes Uxbridge High School one of only two schools in the Commonwealth with multiple pathways approved in the same school.

Week That Was

Here's a look back at the Week That Was at UHS:

New Website

Please take a minute and peek at our new website! The district team and our school have been hard at work moving content and trying to make things more functional. We are hoping you will like the new format, and that information will be more easily found/accessible. Visit us at

There will be no updates next week due to the school vacation week. We hope everyone enjoys some warmer weather!

Mike Rubin


Friday, April 5, 2019

Weekly News and Notes


A few updates from UHS this week:

Follow-up From Community Letter

Some folks have reached out asking what sort of steps we are taking at UHS to combat various forms of bigotry. Last week, this was a topic of conversation at our School Council meeting, and we also addressed some strategies at this week's faculty meeting. The challenge is not unlike a "chicken or egg" question - do we start with staff, or do we start with students. Our viewpoint is that we want to ensure that we are appropriately responsive, but also strategic in our approach, which means not simply having assemblies without giving the tools.

One step that will occur almost immediately, with the forthcoming redesign of our district and school websites, will be a tool for students or families to report incidents anonymously. All too often we are learning that, in the culture we live in, students hesitate to report for fear of being labeled.

Additionally, we have reached out to some resources both regionally and nationally to consider steps for working with students, including trainings that will occur in small groups.

Please know that we are not turning a blind eye to anything. Unfortunately, though our responses come swift, they also work in accordance with law, policy, and handbook, which means that the optics of consequences may not always be visible, and we always respect confidentiality. Your understanding toward those ends is appreciated.

Spring Sports

Though we have had a decent first week in terms of weather, game time changes, reschedules, postponements, and cancellations tend to happen frequently in the spring. Please make sure to subscribe to updates from our school athletic website.


Information regarding local scholarships for the Class of 2019 were sent home earlier this week. There is also information available in the counseling office.


Congratulations are in order for Mr. Chris Barry and Ms. Amber Hampton, our dynamic guidance team, for their award earned this week from the Blackstone Valley Education Foundation. The UHS team, which has completely reimagined guidance services as delivered in our school, was recognized for being consistently forward-thinking and innovative in their approaches to post-secondary planning and guidance programming for students not just at UHS, but serving as a model for schools across the Commonwealth.

Week That Was

Our weekly video is posted below:

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Grade 8 MCAS Advice

Good afternoon!

We are proud of the effort and focus that our grade 8 students brought to MCAS this morning. Talking with some students after, there were some recommendations from students that we thought we would share.

First, make sure iPads are charged tonight. That reduces the worry of losing power mid-test. Also, students felt that sometimes the "clicking" of some fingers against keyboards could be distracting, so wearing earbuds or headphones, even without any music or sound coming from them, may help muffle that sound and mitigate the distraction.

The students seemed very focused and did a great job of taking their time and following instructions. We certainly hope that their efforts will be rewarded!

Thank you!

Michael Rubin, Principal