Thursday, August 31, 2017

School-wide Learning Expectations Report

Good afternoon,
We are pleased to share the whole-school progress in meeting our school-wide learning expectations. Many of you will remember from last year that our Report Card comments changed to reflect individual student progress in making progress toward meeting school-wide expectations, which is measured by our school-wide rubrics. As for the whole school's progress, this report shares our composite information, which is something we will compile twice per year.
Our reason for doing so is to help share and validate our core values and beliefs about learning, that our students are achieving the skills that we want to see in them before they graduate from UHS. This year, parents can expect to see feedback on multiple assignments in each discipline, and reporting of progress via report card comments and a whole-school report will occur at the midyear and end-of-year points.
All of School-wide learning expectation data can be found on the "Academics" tab on the high school website or by linking here.
Feel free to reach out to teachers, counselors, or administration with any questions.

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