Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Great First Day!

Good afternoon,

I'm so very pleased with the start of the year from here at Uxbridge High School. The energy this morning was positive and palpable, and, walking around the building, it was exciting to see our teachers start the year with our theme of helping students find and define their passions in action.

Over the past couple of days, and into today with the students, we have been asking our community to define their "why," not the "what." We have been trying to impress on students the idea that the how and why they learn is more important than the what, with an understanding that content and skills often get married. We are, without question, confident that our students will spend the year learning about themselves, defining their own passions, and working with our staff to refine skills that need enhancement and build on their successes. As we consider our core values, to Share, Persevere, Accept, Respect, Teach, Articulate, and Nurture, we saw them all on display today.

Personally, it was incredibly rewarding and validating to see our staff with all hands on deck, applauding students as they entered, and helping out at buses at the end of the day, particularly as many students start to find their way. Please help us with encouraging students to help take care of the building, ask good questions, and look for support when it is needed.

Again, we are so very excited about the coming year. We look forward to seeing many of you on September 14 at our Back to School Night or around campus at our many events.

As always, reach out with any questions, challenges, or feedback!

Sincerely yours,

Michael Rubin, Principal

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