Thursday, October 13, 2016

Football Team Honored by MIAA

On Thursday, October 13, our football team was honored by the MIAA, as District E coordinator Rich Riley spoke with the team regarding leadership and service through sport, presenting the UHS football team with the Educational Athletics Achievement Award for Community Service and Leadership . Earlier this season, the entire Uxbridge team joined the Leicester and Auburn communities at the Top Cop football game, held in honor of a fallen police officer who served both of those communities, Officer Ron Tarentino.

The WBZ report of the event can be viewed here - at the start of the video, you can see the Uxbridge football team in the background.

As the Coach Martelio emphasized at the time, and Mr. Riley reiterated today, there are some lessons that transcend sport and show interscholastic athletics teach lessons that are far more important than wins and losses. We are grateful for the recognition, but also for the attitude and education instilled in our Spartans every day, on and off the field, by our coaching staff and athletic program!

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