Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly News & Notes

Weekly News and Notes

Term 3 Grades Close

Our Term 3 grades come to a close this week, which means report cards for the third quarter will be posted online at the end of next week. With that comes some difficult realities, particularly for students who may have been struggling in classes. We ask parents to take a look at grades, discuss situations with students, and reach out to counselors and teachers to identify ways to recoup losses and find ways to prevent potential failures.
At the same time, we know that, for underclassmen, students start looking ahead to summer jobs, college planning, camps, and other exciting steps in their careers. Please enlist the support of counselors, particularly as SAT and ACT testing dates approach in May and June.

Class of 2019 Fundraiser
Come support the Class of 2019 and be amazed by the hypnotist Dan Candell! He performs one of the funniest hypnotist shows around! He is a favorite at many other local high schools, like Shrewsbury and Grafton and is very excited for his first performance at UHS! Tickets are only $10 and this show is great for the whole family to come and enjoy! Hope to see you at the UHS auditorium on Monday May 15th for some hypnotic fun! Not sure what to expect? Take at look at this youtube video from one of his performances!

Senior Class Update
On Friday, March 31, our senior class met with Ms. Kuros and Ms. Horan, who are two of our parent coordinators/co-chairs of the Parents for Safe Graduation event, as well as guidance counselor, who provided information about scholarship applications. Students were provided with a great deal of information from both presenters, so be sure to check in with them about scholarship deadlines, signups for the PSG event, and other details.
For underclassmen, the PSG2018 group is already getting underway. Those who want to get involved with the parents’ group for next year is invited to help plan; information is linked here.

Health Fair Next Week
Many thanks again to Ms. Ahern and Ms. Dwyer for their coordination of the first-ever UHS Health and Wellness fair. We have nearly 40 presenters joining us next week to share topics with students ranging from nutrition, to mental health, to supports for drug and alcohol abuse, to common concerns that impact teenagers adolescents. Our students will also participate in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey/Health Survey. Let us know if you have any questions or potentially wish to opt students out of the survey, which will help provide us with data we can use in enlisting community supports, grants, and other resources for our health and wellness curricula.
Senior Andy Kuros interviewed the co-chairs, in a video here.

PLTW Grant
Earlier this month, our School Committee approved a grant for more than $17000 that our school earned through the Massachusetts STEM Hub and Project Lead the Way, which will help us expand offerings in Manufacturing and Manufacturing Engineering. We are excited about the growth for our programs that this will mean!

We hope to be reporting on the start of our spring season next year, should Mother Nature cooperate.

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