Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Midyear Exam Schedules

Midyear exams are scheduled to take place at UHS the week of January 17. The schedule is posted below, and all days are half-days. Buses will report at 10:30 to transport home.

UHS Midyear Exam Schedule

January 17
January 18
January 19
January 20
A Exam
C Exam
E Exam
G Exam
B Exam
D Exam
F Exam
Makeup Period


  • All exams will be taken in the period designated. No exam may be rescheduled without administrative approval.
  • Seniors in half-year courses will be exempted from the final exam if they have a grade higher than 90.
  • Seniors in full-year courses will be sitting for exams, regardless of average.
  • If a class is offering an alternative assessment, students must still report for the day of the exam.
  • For the half day on January 12, the schedule will be A,B,D,E, since B drops on January 11.
  • In case of snow, the exam day will move to the next day, and exams will push to the following week.

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